Steve Snow

Freelance Writer & Voice-Over Artist

Business Documents that Deliver Results
Writing solutions for your unique needs
Lets face it; that business proposal you wrote last month is never going to win a literary award. But then again, that's not why you wrote it. Great business writing is defined solely by how well it communicates information that people need and want to know.

Snow's Prose doesn't write to impress...I write to help you inform, instruct and inspire the people that are important to your business success.

Outsourcing writing projects to Snow's Prose has some distinct advantages:

  • Objectivity: I write from a reader's viewpoint so your material says what you need it to say--which may differ from what you think it says
  • Effectiveness: Having written professionally for years, I have an "ear" for effective content and apply best practices to every new project
  • Turnaround: Most companies have limited resources and overworked staff; I reduce your workload and get your copy done on time
  • Return on Investment: Compared to the cost of using valuable staff for writing projects, Snow's Prose saves you money and frees up your team to do the work that makes your company successful

To learn more about my professional writing services, contact Snow's Prose.
Why Snow's Prose?

Proper writing reflects attention to detail

Clear writing conveys compelling messages

Concise writing shows respect for the reader

Snow's Prose writing creates impact and delivers results

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